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The People’s Initiative for Equity (P.I.E.) is a volunteer group of local community members who take action against all forms of injustice and work to restore the people’s power through solidarity. Our primary focus is to be informed and connected citizens who continually fight for justice and community progress, starting at the local level. 

To connect as fellow citizens and provide opportunities for all forms of meaningful involvement, we partner with community members and organizations who share our vision and are also active in the fight for justice. 

We recognize to be truly informed on local issues and to have a just society, it is essential to listen to those in the community who have been marginalized and commit ourselves to ongoing research, education, and innovation. We recognize our responsibility to amplify and lobby for the voices of the oppressed through community engagement, awareness, and by taking collective action for equitable legislation. 

Please check out our Calendar of Community Events for a centralized location of all Fort Collins events that support the call to end systemic racial inequalities, the use of excessive police force, and oppression.

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