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Community is our top priority. We believe in order to create widespread change and bring an end to oppression, we must first start with ourselves and our neighbors. We encourage community members to shop and spend locally, to volunteer, to care for their environment, and to build strong relationships with everyone in their community.  

National change is greatly needed, and we see the most sustainable approach to systemic change coming from a grassroots perspective. We are the people, and the power is always with the people.

Community Solidarity
Honest Education

In order to stop the cycle of repeating history we must truly understand our past and present. We commit to overthrowing ignorance by seeking and dispersing factual, inclusive, and holistic information.

Our commitment is to the continual education for all community members - including ourselves - so we can all better understand the world we live in.  We encourage innovative solutions to social problems through educational workshops, town halls, and community discussions. Our goal is to foster a community that actively listens to its oppressed members. We believe this is the only way we can all learn, grow, and fight for change together. 

Transformative Policy & Legislation

Real change requires us to rethink our current world and to create innovative legislation that goes beyond simple reform. Systemic oppression, and its many forms, runs deep in our institutions and requires extensive systemic solutions.

We will make effective change by taking collective action in the legislative process. This means educating and involving the community, fighting for community input in government, and giving voice to any who are unheard by their government (such as those who are homeless, transient, overcriminalized, disabled, immigrant, or otherwise disadvantaged).


Our organization recognizes the struggles of all who have been marginalized. We are especially attuned to those who exist in between, are forgotten, or ignored in this current binary world. We recognize that oppression takes many forms, and is most powerful when it can be layered across races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and more. 

This is why we fight for all of our people - to share the right to exist freely no matter how you look, sound, or identify. There is no justice until we all have justice.

Get Involved!

If you find yourself in agreement with our vision and wish to get involved in a meaningful way here in Fort Collins, please use the Volunteer sign up with a brief description of how you would like to be involved.  If you want to take action against injustice, but don’t live in Fort Collins, may we suggest starting your own local group? Act locally to support globally! To learn about our group, ask questions, or plan future events send us an email!

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