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2021 Goals

Dear Community Members:​

Last year presented everyone with an array of personal and social challenges, challenges we all continue to grapple with as we enter 2021. These challenges also come as opportunities for us to learn and grow as individuals as well as a community. We extend our deepest thanks to the many dedicated community members and organizations who rose to the occasion and faced these challenges head on. You took the opportunity to come together while exercising your rights by protesting and rallying to make a visible stand for equity and justice in the community, and the nation. You all helped make a positive impact in 2020 and we are excited to see this energy and passion continue in the community!

Like our community, we are people of diverse backgrounds, races, ethnicities, gender identities, religious beliefs, and nationalities. What has brought us together are our shared values of community, compassion, and service. We formed in the summer of 2020 and these are our goals for this year:


  • Everyone is at a different point in their understanding and level of involvement. One of our aims is to inform and encourage continued educated action. No matter where you are in the fight for justice and equity, we welcome you and encourage you to learn and grow with us.

  • To encourage ongoing learning each month we will highlight historical and revolutionary figures who have broken barriers and created new opportunities. In addition, we will highlight contemporary figures who continue to build on this groundwork while bringing their own innovation and style. The first installment will be posted this week!

Community Engagement:

  • We will continue to partner with organizations and amplify local events to facilitate an informed and connected northern Colorado community. Another goal of ours is to continue providing and broadcasting opportunities for community members to be involved with their government and elected officials.

  • In order to allow the entire community to be engaged, we will be promoting and providing a wide variety of events from in-person and socially distanced to virtual / individual opportunities.


  • We have chosen to remain a service-oriented volunteer group because we believe that in order to enact real change in society, we the people must enact real change in our lives and communities. This requires action on everyone’s part.

  • While our organization is working towards official nonprofit status, we are encouraging community members to consider donating their time as an alternative to money. Donating money is a great start, but we want to challenge community members with direct action - such as calling or emailing their representatives, getting involved in their city’s budget process, applying for a community review board, or volunteering.

  • Our final goal for this year is to publish and to continually update a list of volunteer opportunities and resources on our website.

Thank you again for joining us and fighting for a more equitable society. We look forward to working with you to bring further change in 2021!


Visit the Volunteering, Calendar, and Research pages for volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, and resources for further learning.

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